DVO Suspension, founded in 2012, have quickly made an impact on the MTB scene. With over 80 years of combined experience from the get go and a ‘Built by riders, for riders’ attitude they quickly gained the respect of riders world wide. With a fresh approach and innovative technologies across their product range the performance is second to none. This is confirmed by the many reviews available on the DVO range. Combine this outstanding performance with great after sale support and it’s easy to see why our customers are so happy on DVO.


Cane Creek are a long term performer in the bike industry and their suspension components are no exception. All Cane Creek suspension products are assembled in the USA and individually tested before sale. The rear shocks feature the infamous ‘double barrel’ technology providing a great supple feel. This combined with a wide range of external adjustments, these shocks perform at a very high level and are exceptionally versatile. The ‘Helm’ enduro fork is another great Cane Creek product with an abundance of innovative features. Available in both air and coil the fork is turning heads and impressing those riders who are lucky enough to feel a set.


PUSH have developed extensive after market upgrades for MTB suspension for many many years now and manufacture their own highly customized rear shock. PUSH products focus on the individual rider and cater to their exact needs. Their rear ‘ELEVEN SIX’ shock is constructed with specific tunes to cater for the rider’s weight, riding style and bike they ride. Putting in the time and effort to create a master piece of suspension. All PUSH products are designed, manufactured and assembled in house in the USA assuring the highest quality standard.

To check out your PUSH upgrade options for your fork / shock click here or contact us for inquiries on PUSH products including the ‘ELEVEN SIX’ shock.


Marsh Guard have a range of products designed to make your riding life easier, primarily there simple, light weight and effective mud guard. Used on the World Cup by the worlds best; Greg Minnar, Josh Bryceland, Steve Peat, Troy Brosnan and more. Not just used to keep the mud and dust at bay, they are a great way to avoid stone chips/scratches commonly seen on fork stanchions. They also offer ‘Slapper Tape’, a thick black rubber adhesive to protect and quieten your bike.


FAST suspension are a French based brand that specialize in after market performance upgrades. FAST upgrades have been very popular with NSD customers for years now, expending the potential of stock forks. Their product range continues to grow including open bath dampers, damper cartridges, damper upgrade kits, fork and shock piston assemblies and now their own coil shock. Installing a FAST product in your stock suspension will transform your ride.

To find out what FAST upgrades are available for your suspension click here or contact us for more information.


‘Super Alloy Racing’ Springs produce the most precise springs we have come across whilst also coming in at a very light weight, competitive with some titanium makes but without the price tag. The springs fit all makes of MTB shocks via specific adapters and come in 25lb increments. Their spring range is also ready for all your metric shock needs!


NSDynamics have been using Racing Bros low friction seals for years now with great success in both the performance and reliability of the product. These seals are an upgrade available in our ‘Hyperformance’ service and are also available for purchase through our online store.


BOS Suspension is a French company rich in mountain bike racing heritage and has sponsored some of the worlds top riders in the past including names like Nathan Rennie and Nicolas Vouilloz. BOS has a reputation throughout the industry for their build quality and precision in manufacturing. This creates a quality and performance that both the weekend warrior and top level racer can appreciate.



EXT Suspension have created coil shocks specific for both ‘Enduro’ bikes and ‘Downhill’ bikes allowing them to tune the shocks to the needs of the discipline more effectively. Their unique approach brings new technologies not seen in mountain biking before like their ‘H.B.C’. The first coil sprung rear shock to feature an externally adjustable hydraulic bottom out control.

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