DVO forks have an undeniable supple initial stroke. This gives riders increased small bump sensitivity and traction. So why do DVO forks have this great trait? It is primarily due to their air spring design. Unlike most traditional air spring design DVO riders can adjust their small bump sensitivity independently of their air pressure with the ‘Off The Top’ (OTT) feature. This is done externally with a 5mm allan key adjuster on the DVO Diamond, Sapphire, Onyx and Emerald forks (internally adjusted on the Beryl). Turning the adjuster clockwise will pre-load the coil negative spring, increasing its force and your small bump sensitivity. Alternatively turning the adjuster anti-clockwise will give you a firmer initial stroke.

This enables DVO forks to suit the needs of riders of various different weights and riding styles. Heavier riders on traditional air springs are often subject to a large amount of break away force as a result of their increased air pressure. Alternatively lighter riders who run a stiffer ‘race’ style setup may sacrifice small bump sensitivity at these higher pressures on traditional forks. In both these cases the ‘OTT’ adjustment can be used to give them the small bump sensitivity they desire without compromising the middle and end stroke support.

This quality air spring design matched with responsive damping and great after sale support makes the DVO fork range a true stand out.

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